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Below is a downloadable PDF that is designed to maintain the integrity of our brand.

Brand Strategy

Vision Source employs an innovative brand strategy that promises to deliver the brand personality through signature elements, to create a unique and ownable experience for the customers, and to continue to build awareness and affinity for Vision Source.

Brand Standards

Every brand has a unique set of visual and verbal assets that contribute to its overall brand identity. Consistency across all touchpoints is critical to delivering the positioning and signaling to those we serve that we are the trusted leader in our category.

These Brand Standards provide the foundation for leveraging the identity and key brand assets in marketing collateral, presentations and other materials to maintain the integrity of our brand.

Brand Application

The following examples demonstrate how the brand comes to life across mulitple touchpoints and should serve as inspiration for future applications.


Download Vision Source Logos, Graphic Standards, Guidelines and other useful documents..

 Vision Source Brand Standards

This document is a collection of information, artwork, drawings, and specifications that will enable development teams to implement the Vision Source concept with consistent branding. The Table of Contents will help you locate the information appropriate to your needs. It is important that all guidelines and specifications are followed as indicated in this document. Variations or interpretations of the design can result in an inconsistent execution and a diluted brand experience. Digital files of the documents herein can be requested from Vision Source Corporation or its development team.

Download PDF

 Vision Source Graphic Standards

This document explains and outlines how to use signage and brand collateral in a way that keeps the brand consistent accross different mediums and use cases. Includes brand color and typography guides.

Download PDF

 Vision Source Brand Checklist

This document explains how to incorporate the Vision Source brand and all that it represents into your practice.
Download PDF

 Vision Source Logo Collection

This zip file contains all Logos covered in the Vision Source Brand Standards, Vision Source Graphic Standards, Vision Source Brand Checklist, and Vision Source Sign Co-Op Guidelines.

Download ZIP File